Introduction to creating a Facebook Advertising Strategy!

Topics covered include 'Identify Your Business Goals', 'Creating Posts with Ad Strategy' plus 'Warm vs Cold Audience'.

Advertising Strategy

If you decide to start investing in Facebook ads make sure it is part of a wider business strategy. It's important to remember that spending money on ads on ad hoc basis could limit the success of campaigns & return poor investments.

How to attract people to do business with you

Generally , in order for someone to do business with you they have to have the following:

  • A need for your service or product. It's key to remember that your customers will need you more tomorrow than they do today. This means that someone might not need your product/service when they see your advert but more than likely will at a later stage. Several factors influence this like not having they money at that stage, not having the time, personal issues, busy schedule etc. It's important to keep your business at the front of their minds (out of mind out of sight). Keep posting to your social media platforms and remind your customers that your are still there.

  • This brings us on to 'Brand Awareness' Does the prospect know you? If you are not known or they have not heard of you then the likelihood of them doing business with you is low. Although, if they have seen your high quality posts/adverts on Facebook, good reviews there is more likelihood that they will do business with you. Keep posting content and grow you brand with your logo displayed on posts so they get to know you.

  • Repeat business is key! Satisfied customers will come back and remember that customers who are blown away with your service/business will then tell their friends & family about their super cool experience.

Identify Your Business Goals: Be clear about what you want to achieve and set dates to work towards achieving your goals & objectives. Example: A hotel might have product sales goals for a specific target audience. Take for example a hotel that has a good trade with business customers for room bookings but would like to attract more leisure customers. The hotel will set a goal to attract more leisure bookings i.e. 20 leisure bookings through their Facebook page in a two month period...

Create Posts & Ad Strategy: Once the goal is set, then straight over to putting the strategy in place. In order to achieve this goal the hotel has to come up with content on their Facebook page that will appeal to that target audience.

  • The hotel could consider selling the surrounding areas like attractions nearby, shopping breaks, or putting on special 'Leisure Breaks'. They could put on events in the hotel like music acts and offer special overnight packages. This content needs to involve professional designs and or videos showcasing and making the events look very attractive. Furthermore, call to actions like 'Book Now' with only one simple click to book is very important and encourages them not to put off booking. This needs to be planned and content posted over a period of time in different formats, keeping the advertising fresh and professional. It's very important to have your Facebook pixel connected to your website so that you can direct your adverts to the correct audience on Facebook (another topic for another day).

If the hotel hasn't run events or promoted Leisure Breaks then they are introducing their business to an audience that is 'cold' to their brand. The hotel will use the content on their page to 'warm' up this audience. The more times the hotel can get good quality, relevant content in front of this audience the 'warmer' they will be to the hotels brand.

Warm vs Cold Audience: I will touch on this topic as its complex, venturing into sales funnels & moving customers along the loyalty ladder etc. (for another topic.) So, some simple steps on how to warm your audience. You can invite people to like your page, this can be done in the community section of your Facebook business page. Inviting all your friends to like your page. Asking staff who are admins on the page to invite their friends. Share your Facebook business page on your personal profile (this will reach way more people than a organic post). Relating back to the example of the hotel, you can ask staff members to get involved and share on their pages. Create a professional cover design e.g. for an event that they could use on their cover on their personal pages for a few days including sharing page events.

1.Run Facebook ads to people who like your Facebook business page (warm audience.)

2. Run ads to people who like your page and their friends (warm audience.)

3. Run ads to people who have watched videos on the page that were created to appeal to the target audience (warm audience.)

4. Using the Facebook pixel to advertise to people that have already visited your website (warm audience).

5. Run ads that you have saved (saving time). Run ads in certain locations, entering key characteristics by adding interests like people who are interested in Food & Drink, Hobbies i.e Leisure breaks, music interests, the list goes on browse through and select the target interests for your business and audience. (Cold audience.)

You could then run the following campaigns using the audiences above:

  • A campaign to grow page likes. REMEMBER someone needs to hear about your business 9 to 17 times before they'll do business with you. So if you can get in front of them customers via Facebook adverts so they learn more about you and trust is built, raising brand awareness. Remember the higher the quality of the post and the relevance of the post to the target audience the more you will warm them up! (Use this with cold audiences.)

  • Direct your audience to your website so they can get to know your better and see more of your products and services. Use Facebook ads that when they click on the image, post, video it takes them straight to that section on the website. Amazon are a great example 2 click purchase!

This is a brief introduction into this area, if you need more help with Facebook get in touch with us for a free chat. We offer Facebook marketing packages that fit all budgets, includes creative designs, sponsored adverts, links to your website & so much more.

Thanks for reading & I hope this was of some help!


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