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  1. 1000 A5 flyers, printed on 150gsm silk, double sided.  Includes design*
  2. 2ft x 6ft PVC Heavy Duty, includes design & eyelets as standard.
  3. 1000 Business Cards / Appointment Cards printed on premium 450gsm silk, double sided, includes design.


Best online prices for design & print for PVC banners:

PVC BANNERS: 2x4ft £30 | 2x6ft £35 | 2x8ft £45 | 2x10ft £55 | 2x12ft £65 | 2x14ft £75

Quality Heavy Duty PVC banners, Printed in Full HD Colour.  Waterproof/UV resistance inks. 3M hemming tape on all edges, for durability. Eyelets fitted ast standard


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